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“Most of the world’s dangerous volcanoes are in developing countries. Many of these countries have high population densities, limited access to modern technology, and, often, they also lack adequate financial resources to deal with volcanic hazards. Volcanic eruptions can hit these nations disproportionately hard. With proper volcano monitoring equipment, local scientists and technicians can work to gauge the risk of potential eruptions and acquire proper warning before lives are lost to volcanic activity.”

Dr. Jeff Witter
Volcanologist & CEO of the International Volcano Monitoring Fund

Millions of people live near active and potentially active volcanoes. Many of these volcanoes erupt each year, but the vast majority of them have inadequate systems in place to monitor volcanic activity levels and provide warning of impending eruptions.

The primary purpose of the International Volcano Monitoring Fund is to enhance public safety by providing volcano monitoring instrumentation and training to responsible scientists, technicians, and engineers in the developing world so that they may monitor their volcanoes.

A second goal of the International Volcano Monitoring Fund is to educate the public in volcanically-threatened communities about the value of volcano monitoring and how to be prepared in the event of an eruption.

Volcano crater

Lastly, the International Volcano Monitoring Fund conducts research to develop and test novel volcano monitoring technologies to further improve and advance volcano monitoring capabilities.

For the most part, the technology to effectively monitor activity levels at restless volcanoes already exists. This technology should be deployed at every active and potentially active volcano that threatens a population center. Each volcano will erupt again; it is just a question of when. It is vitally important to monitor a volcano’s activity to arm oneself with the knowledge for when it is time to get out of harm’s way.