IVM-Fund Annual Update

Dear IVM-Fund donor,

I’m writing to give you a brief update on the International Volcano Monitoring Fund, share our accomplishments in 2013, and share what we’re planning for 2014. Please see our 2013 annual report (attached) for more details.

In short, in 2013, we successfully delivered on our second project in Guatemala. Thanks to your donations, we outfitted our colleagues at the Fuego Volcano Observatory with all the volcano monitoring and field equipment that they requested to support their volcano surveillance efforts. While in Guatemala, we also took the opportunity to evaluate our first volcano monitoring support program at the Santiaguito Volcano Observatory. That program is also a success, so much so that after returning home, we delivered additional equipment to them to support their ongoing monitoring efforts.

Fuego and Santiaguito are two of the three most active and dangerous volcanoes in Guatemala. Volcanic activity at both volcanoes continues to this day. We have observed that the volcano monitoring tools we are placing into the hands of the local volcano observers is helping to build in-country technical capacity when it comes to monitoring the activity of their volcanoes.

For 2014, we must focus on fundraising to support additional IVM-Fund work in Guatemala. We hope to participate in a collaborative effort to help establish a new volcano observatory at the third most active volcano in Guatemala: Pacaya.

Thank you again for your support.

Best regards,

IVM-Fund 2013 Annual Report


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