T Shirt Fundraising for Guatemala Volcano Monitoring

We have new IVM-Fund T-shirts available!

They’re only $20 each and all proceeds go towards our second volcano monitoring project in Guatemala supporting the communities around Guatemala’s two other active volcanoes: Fuego and Pacaya.

Get your IVM-Fund T-shirt while they’re HOT!

You can place an order by contacting us. Please let us know the number of shirts, the style (men’s or women’s) and the size (S, M, L, XL) you’d like. Please also tell us your mailing address. You can pay for your T-shirts directly through PayPal by making a donation on our website (www.ivm-fund.org/donate).

IVM Fund  shirts

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One Response to “T Shirt Fundraising for Guatemala Volcano Monitoring”

  1. Winfred Lavalley says:

    Good description of the volcanos. I prefer to make out the print to get the IVM shirts.