Thank you!

Special thanks to our first donor, Charles T. Vos, for putting the initial funds in our piggy bank and supporting the vision of the IVM-Fund. Thanks also to Rob Wilson for his legal assistance and review of the tax-exempt documents submitted to the IRS.

Many thanks to Jann & Sid McFarland, Shaughna & Cary Kloster, Brian Cavanaugh, Jo Vos, Eric & Kelly Jaeger, Dr. Greg Balco & Dr. Amy Gaffney, Kim Graves-Danielson, Dr. Nathan I. Chutas, Keira Armstrong, Elizabeth Goeke, Sandra L. Powers, Aileen Fell, Renato Icarahy da Silveira, and Judy Crook for their generous donations.

Thanks to Tom Pfeiffer and Volcano Discovery ( for supporting our cause.

Special thanks to Cayley Vos and for setting up and maintaining this website.